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I am an Artistic & Medical Tattooist based in Holmfirth, just outside Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. I work from my own private space, Secret Garden Tattoo Studio. The studio is quiet, clean, non intimidating and fully registered with Kirklees Council.

As far as I know I am the first person in the UK qualified both through a professional traditional Tattoo Apprenticeship and also in Medical Tattooing by an NHS approved training provider. Therefore, this allows me to combine industry best practice with the art and craft of traditional tattoo to create both custom body art tattoos and restorative tattoo work for people who have scarring after surgery or trauma. I love using my artistic skills to help my clients lead their best life.

I have developed my own unique NiPiNK® Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo Technique, which combines the craft of Traditional Tattoo with Medical Micropigmentation & Artistic Methods to produce a new standard of Nipple Tattoo which lasts a lifetime.

For more information on NiPiNK® Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoos visit my dedicated website here

Artistic & Decorative Body Art Tattoos

Holmfirth Tattooist Helen Aldous

Artistic Tattoos

Every tattoo I create is custom designed for the individual. I utilise my background as an artist & illustrator to ensure that you get a personalised design which is unique to you and will work well with your body.

If you have an idea of what you want, after a consultation to understand your needs, I can create a bespoke design based on your thoughts.

View my Tattoo Gallery here or get in contact to discuss a design.

Mastectomy Tattoos By Helen Aldous

Mastectomy Tattoos

A mastectomy tattoo is a decorative artistic tattoo on the breast after mastectomy surgery. Designs can flatter the shape of the breast and cover or draw the eye away from any scarring as much as possible. If you have chosen to go flat, a mastectomy tattoo can be a powerful statement of reclamation. Mastectomy tattooing can really help to reclaim the body and heal mentally.

The design can also incorporate a realistic permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo if desired.
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Scar Cover Up Tattoos By Helen Aldous

Scar Cover Tattoos

I can design a custom decorative tattoo design specifically to cover up a scar, based on your ideas. A treatment plan can also involve medical tattooing if needed in order to smooth or improve the texture of scars and prepare them for a successful cover up tattoo.

  • Decorative Body Art Tattoos to cover scars.
  • Decorative tattoos to cover self harm scars.

Find out more about scar cover up tattoos.

Medical Tattoo

Medical Tattoo is the use of tattoo based techniques in order to improve the appearance of the body after surgery or trauma. It involves techniques such as MCA Microneedling [Dry Tattooing] and Mosaic Micropigmentation in order to revise and camouflage scars. Medical Tattooing to improve scars can be done in conjunction with artistic tattoo techniques to recreate the appearance of a missing body part, for example 3D Nipples after mastectomy or missing fingernails after fingertip loss.

I have developed my own unique NiPiNK® Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo Technique, which combines the craft of Traditional Tattoo with Medical Micropigmentation & Artistic Methods to produce a new standard of nipple tattoo which lasts a lifetime.

For more information on NiPiNK® Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoos visit my dedicated website here

For more information on Medical Tattoos visit this page.

permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo by Helen Aldous

Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoos after Breast Cancer & Mastectomy

I specialise in creating Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoos for people who have lost theirs due to Breast Cancer & Mastectomy. The Nipink® nipples I create are truly permanent and will not fade away or require top-ups, unlike semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo nipples. This frees my clients from the cost and trauma of having to regularly return for retouching work and enables them to put cancer behind them and move forward with their lives.

I have a dedicated website for my Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo work which you can visit here.

Nipple Tattoos after Gender Reassignment [Top Surgery]

I work with people who have had gender reassignment surgery [Top Surgery FTM MTF ] to ensure that their new chest matches their gender and to minimise or camouflage any scarring which may result from failed nipple grafts.

My studio is a friendly and inclusive place where you are guaranteed respect, privacy and safety.

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Self Harm Scar Cover Up Tattoos

I can design a beautiful decorative tattoo to cover the area of self harm scars. Each case is different so please get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

For more information visit the Self Harm Scar Camouflage Page

Scar Camouflage and Scar Revision

I am fully qualified and licensed to work on scars and burns having completed Medical Tattoo training with an NHS recognised provider. Therefore I can utilise a variety of techniques in order to improve and camouflage the appearance of scars after surgery or trauma.

Examples of Medical Tattooing include…

3D Nipple Areola Tattoo Training Masterclass

I offer an Areola 3D Nipple Tattoo Training course from my private studio in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

This Advanced Artist Training takes place over 1 day and is a 1 on 1 opportunity to work closely with me to learn the art of creating hyper-realistic 3D Nipple Tattoos.

This course is ideal for …

  • Practicing Body Art Tattooists who want to offer permanent 3D Nipple & Areola Tattoos as a service.
  • Breast Care Nurses and Surgeons who want to improve their current areola and nipple tattoos and transition to using permanent ink.
  • Professional PMU technicians who want to up their game and improve the realism of their 3D nipples with higher artistic realism.

Find out more details about Areola Tattoo Training UK here.

Art | Painting, Drawing & Prints

Helen Aldous Artist

I am a working artist. My understanding of colour, light and shade feeds back into my work as a tattooist. I love being able to use my artistic background to empower my clients.

I exhibit regularly and often have prints for sale.

Testimonials & Reviews

Helen was amazing and put me at ease straight away. She was very professional, empathetic and of all the 3D (nipple) tattooists work that I’d seen on line, I felt that Helens would give me the most “natural” finish, which is what I wanted. I am thrilled with the result and feel that at last I can move forward after my breast cancer treatment. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Helen to anyone in my situation or indeed anyone wanting a safe tattoo as Helens attention to strict hygiene during the procedure was exemplary. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Helen, you’ve done a wonderful job and made me a very happy woman.

I cannot say enough about Helen and her work. I had an idea for my tattoo and gave her the briefest of briefs. She designed the most amazing tattoo for me. When I went to the studio, which is comfortable and exclusive, we were talking about where I should have the tattoo it was initially sized for my shoulder blade but we scaled it and it looked absolutely amazing as the centre piece of what is going to now be a half back piece. The detail is great and it looks almost 3D. I also have to say that when I compare the time spent on my tattoo with some other studios mine was done in a very reasonable time scale over 2 sittings. Basically I cannot praise Helen’s work enough, in fact my daughter wanted her first tattoo and Helen is the only person I would want to have do it.

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