Pricing & Cost

Artistic Tattoo

Artistic Tattoos are priced by the hour. My hourly rate is £80. You only pay for actual time tattooing so you won’t get charged for breaks, putting the stencil on etc.

I have a studio minimum charge of £80 {One hours tattooing}

Mastectomy Tattoos and Scar Cover Up Tattoos are priced individually.

Medical Tattoo

Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoos

3D Nipple Tattoos are £400 for one nipple and £500 for two. This includes two appointments. The first and a follow up after 6 weeks.

You can pay half at each appointment. Ie £200 x 2 or £250 x 2

I do the tattoos in 2 sessions 6 weeks apart. This gives the most natural and long lasting effect. The cost covers both appointments. After this the nipples are permanent and won’t fade away.

Other Medical Tattoo work

Each case is different so is priced individually depending on what needs doing.

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