Areola Restoration & Areola Scar Treatment

What is Areola Restoration?

Areola restoration is the use of various tattoo methods to improve the appearance of the breast areola. This may be improving the colour if it has faded, camouflaging scars or even replicating areas of skin. The overall aim and effect is to improve the appearance and bring back symmetry.

Can you disguise scars on or around my Areola?

Yes. For example, white halo scar lines around the Areola can be smoothed and camouflaged. 

Areola scars after Breast Enlargement or Reduction

Breast surgery often involves trauma to the nipple. Sometimes surgery scars can remain. If infection sets in this may result in loss of areas of the nipple. Often this can be disguised or camouflaged to improve the appearance after surgery.

How much does Areola Restoration cost?

Each individual case is different so please get in touch to discuss how I can help.