Scalp Micropigmentation {SMP} & Scalp Scar Camouflage

Scalp Micropigmentation [also known as SMP or hair tattoo] fills in areas of missing hair on the scalp. This may be due to thinning hair or cuts and scars. Scalp Micropigmentation can camouflage scars and add the appearance of thickness to thinning hair. 

how does Scalp Micropigmentation work?

Tiny dots of specialised scalp pigments are implanted into the scalp with a fine needle. This is built up over several sessions to give a natural look. As the pigment gives a matt appearance it helps to reduce the scalp shine which can be a distressing part of thinning. This can give the appearance of more density to the hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments for Women

Women can often suffer from hair loss which can be very distressing. This may be due to such things as thyroid or hormone imbalance, Lupus, female pattern baldness, Alopecia or treatment for cancer. The scalp may show through the thinning areas of hair on the crown or temples.

Scalp Micropigmentation can give an appearance of more density to the hair by building up an underlying supportive colour on the scalp. This makes the scalp much less obvious under the hair and helps to make the hair appear thicker as the visible scalp is diguised.

It’s important to know that the hair does not need to be short or shaved for this procedure. Micropigmentation will also cause no damage to the existing fragile hair unlike other treatments such as hair pieces or extensions.

Adding density to thinning hair.

Both men and women with thinning hair can benefit from Scalp Micropigmentation. If there is even  but sparse hair coverage, Micropigmentation can give the illusion of greater density and camouflage the appearance of the scalp.

Scalp Micropigmentation for facial hair scars. 

Cuts and scars in the moustache and beard area can leave an obvious patch with missing hair. Micropigmentation can disguise this and make the scar blend more into the surrounding hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation after Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplants can leave a lot of scarring on the head. There may be rows of plug holes, FUE or strip scars. These white scars are often very obvious on the back of the head. Scalp Micropigmentation can blend these white scars into the rest of the hair making them much less obvious.

Scalp Micropigmentation surgery scar camouflage.

Any type of surgery to the head may leave a scar which may show through the hair if it is short. Micropigmentation can help these scars to blend into the rest of the hair and look less obvious.

All scalp and hair issues are different and require a tailored treatment plan. Please get in touch for a FREE consultation.