Scar Revision with MCA Microneedling

What is MCA Scar Revision {Multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation}?

MCA Scar Revision Therapy is also known as Dry Needling, Micro Needling, Collagen Induction or Dry Tattooing. No pigment is used but healing serums may be infused into the skin in order to activate cell repair. MCA will not remove a scar completely but it can significantly improve the appearance and may be used in conjunction with scar camouflage. It works well for scars and burns

MCA Microneedling uses a medical tattoo needle to gently pierce the skin with micro punctures causing gentle trauma to the scar tissue and allow healing serums to reach the cells. This stimulates blood to flow into the area and allows re healing to occur as collagen, melanin and elastin are stimulated in the scar. Fibrous knots are broken up and the scar has an opportunity to re-heal slowly and more smoothly. The process is generally not painful as scar tissue has no nerves and numbing cream can be used.

Improving the appearance of white scars

MCA Microneedling can also encourage the natural melanin back into a scar which allows the scar to re-pigment naturally on its own. In cases where the scar does not re-pigment on its own, camouflage tattoo techniques can help to restore the colour to that of natural skin, making the scar less obvious.

MCA Microneedling can help with different types of  scarring including:

  • Scar revision after breast augmentation or breast reduction
  • Revision or camouflage of scars around the areola after breast surgery
  • Helping white scars to re-pigment naturally
  • Blending the appearance of scars into the surrounding skin
  • Relaxing burn scars so the skin is less distorted and more comfortable
  • Helping indented [Atrophic] scars to fill in and become smoother
  • Preparing a scar to receive a decorative cover up tattoo safely

What can you expect after treatment?

  • Collagen, Melanin and Elastin are produced leading to new tissue growth and gentle healing
  • Bumpy and knotted scars start to become smoother
  • Discoloured scars can start to re-pigment naturally and blend into the surrounding skin more
  • Tight and restrictive scars start to relax

It’s important to know that immediately after treatment, the scar will look red. This is because of all the collagen, elastin and melanin flooding the area and indicates the re-healing process in action. Redness should subside after several days as healing takes place. Gentle exposure to sunlight further helps the re-pigmenting process.

MCA can make a huge difference to a scars appearance, and whilst there is no guarantee of individual results, most clients will see an improvement after one treatment. For optimum results I typically advise a course of three treatments, spaced out at 4-6 weeks apart. However, some scars will require more.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of MCA Microneedling / Dry Needling for treating your scar, please get in touch for a FREE consultation. 

Helen Aldous Medical Tattooist