Mastectomy Tattoos

What is a mastectomy tattoo?

A mastectomy tattoo is a decorative artistic tattoo on the breast after mastectomy surgery. After surgery you may be left with scarring or a breast shape which you aren’t comfortable with. Mastectomy tattooing can really help to reclaim the body and heal mentally.

It’s possible to create designs which flatter the shape of the breast and cover or draw the eye away from any scarring as much as possible. If you have chosen to go flat, a mastectomy tattoo can be a powerful statement of reclamation. 

The design can also incorporate a realistic permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo if desired.

{If you are looking for more information about 3D Nipples which won’t fade away, please visit my dedicated Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo website.}

A mastectomy tattoo can be a beautiful, empowering and artistic addition to your body.

Custom designed mastectomy tattoos

Each person and their story are unique. I can work with you to create a design which flatters your shape and incorporates elements and ideas that mean something to you. Get in contact to discuss your needs.

Case Study

This lovely lady was very self conscious of the scarring to her breast after mastectomy and reconstruction. She also had discolouration of her skin due to radiation treatment and felt self conscious wearing lower necklines. We designed the tattoo together to incorporate images which referenced family members and had meaning for her. The design draws the eye away from the scars and covers the discolouration. I’m glad to report she is now happy to wear lower necklines without feeling worried about her scars.


My Tattoo Has Made Proud Of My Body Again!

My post-mastectomy reconstruction is perfect. But I am not. Helen’s tattooing has made my breast mine again!

From the first contact with Helen I felt she absolutely knew the place where I was, that wanted to have my own breast back. Discussing in detail my tattoo idea with Helen, she creatively translated my chosen English flowers into the most beautiful floral un-laboured piece of art….that’s on my body..and belongs to me!

The artwork Helen has created is exquisite; it’s so beautiful, I would love to show everyone….but it’s on my boob! So, it will stay private to me, but it’s made me feel proud of my breast again… and I sparkle inside, once again!

Thank you Helen – you know what you’ve done, not just for me but for all the other women who come to you for breast-cancer embodiment-artwork! xxx

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