What is a Medical Tattoo?

Medical Tattoo or Restorative Tattoo covers a wide range of skills that come together to  help improve the appearance after surgery or trauma. 

Medical Tattoo techniques such as Mosiac Micropigmentation Camouflage and MCA Micro needling can soften and revise the appearance of scars and burns. Traditional artistic tattoo techniques can realistically replicate the appearance of a missing body part. For example, a hyper-realistic 3D nipple to replace one lost after mastectomy surgery. Some people might opt for a custom designed decorative tattoo to cover the scarred area. 

Empowering the client

For the client, a restorative medical tattoo can have a huge impact on their lives. In the case of breast cancer, receiving a new nipple after loss from mastectomy surgery may be the final step on the journey of recovery from the disease. Being able to look happily in the mirror again may enable the client to move forward with their life and put the trauma of cancer, surgery or accident behind them.

Being able to make a scar much less obvious may give a client more confidence to wear clothes that they previously wouldn’t have considered. Empowering the person to feel more at home in their body is the goal.   

Examples of where a Restorative Medical Tattoo can help include…

Can all scars be treated?

Unfortunately I am not able to lighten hyper-pigmented scars. This is a scar or patch of skin which is abnormally darker than the surrounding skin. Keloid scars and active vitiligo can’t be treated. Scars must be well healed which can take from 6 months to 2 years.

Experience is everything

Working as a traditional tattooist for over 7 years has given me invaluable extensive experience in dealing with different skin and scar types. It’s important to be able to judge how different skin and scar types will react to the needle and this experience only comes with time and can’t be learned on a short course. 

My 30 years of working as an artist gives me an experienced eye for colour, enabling me to match pigments to compliment a clients skin. I can use my drawing skills to create a hyper realistic image of a missing body part. As I am licensed in the use of permanent inks, I can make these replacement tattoos permanent if appropriate. 

Qualified Medical Tattooist

I have completed an intensive development course in Medical Tattooing with a leading training provider. This means that I am trained, licensed and insured to carry out work on scars and burns. As far as I know I am the first person in the UK qualified both through a professional traditional tattoo apprenticeship and also in Medical Tattooing relating to Scars & Burns by an NHS approved provider. This gives me the ability to combine industry best practice with the craft and art of tattoo for the best results.

My Mission

My mission is to use my artistic and tattooing skills to empower my clients to move forward into the future with confidence.

My Tattoo Studio is located in Holmfirth, Huddersfield West Yorkshire and can be easily reached from Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Cheshire and the surrounding areas.

Free Consultation

Each scar is different and requires tailored treatment. I offer a free consultation service so we can discuss your needs. Please just get in contact for a chat about how I may be able to help.